ENSURE your screen and printer settings are set to 100% - or contact us and we'll post you out the above measuring guide (free).

Children's shoe sizing is not an exact science - no two feet are the same. We try to present our stock with as accurate as possible size suggestions given the manufacturers labels and the materials used. We highly recommend you getting your Child's feet measured - or doing it yourself. Most (if not all) come in EU sizes or CMs - hence our printable guide.

Online resources will point you to the equivalent in UK or US sizes etc.

A few points to remember ...

When your baby's born, the bones in those tiny feet are made of soft, flexible cartilage. This gradually hardens over time
Allow your toddlers feet to develop as naturally as possible
Until baby is ready to walk outside - bare feet or soft socks or slipper type footwear allows for natural development.
Even socks or booties can become restrictive. Always make sure there's plenty of room for those toe wriggles!
Measure your childs feet in the afternoon as feet expand and extend that little bit during the course of the day
Your child's feet will grow by 2-3 sizes each year until around age 4 and at least 1 size a year after that
It is always (even with adults) important to have around 1cm space between the longest toe and the top of the shoe