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Cotton toddler 12–24 months

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Cotton toddler 12–24 months
Cotton toddler 12–24 months
Cotton toddler 12–24 months

Shoes for those important months - baby's first steps. Around now, baby will be introduced to their first solid shoe. These are a cotton upper and rubber sole. Important to pay heed to the sizes as these months will see a move away from non-slip socks and slipper type soft footwear to a somewhat more solid shoe construction. Always ensure baby's toes have wriggle room and try to measure your baby's feet (we favour cm as it's an accurate measurement and we are European after all!) These shoes have a nice wide toe area to allow for movement, infact a wide fit all round. Also, a nice padded rim - so nice and kind to baby. 

With all that in mind, the manufacturer has supplied guidelines re the sizing; ie the 13cm shoe has insole measurement of 12.5cm. So this 12.5 is the measurement we need to bear in mind. Therefore:

13cm (12.5 insole) 9-12 months *sold out*

14cm (13.5 insole) 12-18 months

15cm (14.5 insole) 18-24 months *one left*

If in doubt; buy the next size up! But measure... 

That done, then we're good to go - this nice quality shoe has elasticated laces 'effect' opening for comfy width fitting and easy on/off tab. Comes in pretty floral print as pictured. 

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