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 First Walkers
There's possibly no item you'll buy for baby, that's more important than their first shoes! The move to wearing shoes should not be rushed, as best advice suggests that the first 6 weeks of walking unaided, is best done in bare feet or socks, while they learn to balance and work their feet naturally to do this. If shoes are worn during this phase, it's recommended that this is just for short periods of activity, with barefoot (or socks) as the norm. The 'starting to walk' phase can be anywhere between 7 months and 2 years - every baby is unique. As the weeks go by, and they're confident and competent enough to walk outside, it's then you will need to think about getting shoes on, to protect those little feet. The ideal shoe should be soft and pliable, a breathable material and not restrictive or tight fitting. Allow up to a cm space between big toe and toe of shoe. Check every 4–6wks that the shoes still fit - if you can feel juniors toe through toe of shoe, it's time to buy new ones. (feet at this stage will grow by 2/3 sizes a year!) Remember, the bones are still really soft and must be allowed to form naturally.
To assist this, the ideal shoe should provide as close as possible to a 'barefoot' experience - and we have a selection which tick all the boxes. 

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