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We are proud to present the ULTIMATE First Walker shoes for Baby's first steps and beyond. A range of shoes taking the world of baby shoes by storm and deservedly so. Crtartu focus their expertise on Baby's feet ages 0-5yrs. They divide the developing foot needs in two 3 stages; Stage 1 Prewalker (0-8 months) Stage 2 Toddling (9 months to 2yrs) and Stage 3 Steady walking (3-5 years) - encompassing all these vital, formulative phases of feet development. This collection is from Stage 2 (Toddling) and straddles those times from when baby has learned to push/pull into a standing position, right through to toddling about unaided and taking those first independent adventures on those still developing feet. These are expertly designed, ticking all the boxes for healthy foot development and are the perfect companions to those first tentative steps, built with safety in mind. Shoes that will enclose the foot securely, support the ankle, nice wide toe cap, solid non-slip soles - with a clever 1/3 bending feature which eases the strain on those newly adventurous feet. The uppers and insole offer breathability and comfort. All of this in absolutely gorgeous designs, sure to be a winner with toddlers and parents alike. We bet the next pair you buy will be another pair of these.

They really are that special ❤️

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